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Vedaearth, translates to the collective wisdom and knowledge of the earth, as ours is a story of purity and finding healing from nature. We were born with a single motivating factor to bring you safe, conscious, natural healing products, all curated to be worthy of your bathroom shelf and daily lifestyle. Inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom and the power of Aromatherapy, we believe in crafting the best of nature for you.

A holistic approach towards wellness is our driving force at Vedaearth, each of our product is bottled with clean intention, without compromising on ingredients and results.

Our products are inspired by the power of nature and our ancient wisdom to bring out the best of nature's healing through Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. It is crafted with the purity of Aromatherapy, infused with healing properties, and free of chemicals. Rooted in nature, we bring you handpicked goodness of bottled Ayurveda. Reflecting natural homegrown efficiency, we bring you products that are chemical and cruelty-free. They are naturally made to be silicone, sulphates, paraben, mineral oil, and animal by-product free.
Our product and its ingredients are curated to achieve utmost care and nourishment for your skin. Your inner, natural beauty is brought out through self-care and pampering. We believe in healing oneself with love and care for your body and soul.
After all, self-love comes through self-care.

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