Anti Pigmentation Facial Oil

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This Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil made with nature's masters of radiance and healing, Turmeric and Benzoin is your route to blemish-free skin. This remedial tonic helps reduce dark patches, blemishes and tan caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. The best natural ingredients to bring your skin back to its natural tone.


Turmeric: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti- inflammatory for clear and glowing skin.

Benzoin: Reduces wrinkles, renews and tones skin.

Cypress: Antimicrobial, heals, tightens and strengthens skin.

Natural Benefits

Reduces dark patches, blemishes and tan.

Enhances radiance and glow.

Uplifts the skin and soul.

Heals through Aromatherapy.

How To Use

Take 6-7 drops of the Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil, and massage gently using upwards strokes on face and neck.

For best results, use twice daily, avoid washing your face after application.

Use Best With

To complete the radiant skin routine, pair it with our Floral Water Mist's and Under Eye Oil for a glowing, even-toned skin.

Use Rose Water Mist if you have oily/ acne-prone skin.

Use Lavender Water Mist if you have sensitive/ dry/ normal skin.

Vedaearth’s Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil is an all-natural solution to help reduce dark patches, blemishes and skin blotches caused due to excessive exposure to sun, which makes your skin look dull.

Our Anti-Pigmentation Facial Oil is 100% vegan, and contains no harmful chemicals, Parabens, Sulphates, SLS, SLES, Silicones, PEG/ PPG, Mineral oils/ Petrolatum and has no traces of animal by-products or animal testing, making it one of the most reliable Ayurvedic facial oils. Packed with all-natural healing properties of Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, this product is made for the contemporary woman who is looking for an oil that clears hyper-pigmentation.

Recommended for: All skin types.

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