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Silva Sitoria

The Story of Silva Sitoria is one of passion and performance. Born in Italy and made in India, she has never felt more at home than in India, the land of the holy. As a young child who stepped foot in the country, she knew this is where she was meant to be and never turned back. Silva was a fashion model, adventurer even before she turned 17 who traveled to India through Afghanistan. Silva is so deeply connected to being Indian as she goes in to say “You may want to call it a karmic connection, but in my soul I know I’m Indian.”

She holds the record of being India’s only professional jockey and the world’s only female two time Derby winner. She now runs a prestigious equestrian school training with a great attention to detail and training.
Just like how she found her true love to be horses, she urges everyone to find their true calling, their passion. Her motto is to go with the flow as the rest will follow. With a deep understanding of nature and this universe, she applies this to all aspects of her life, and her work becomes her worship. Vedaearth celebrates Silva Storai for her courage and extraordinary passion.

Ashley Sakrani

Meet Ashleyy Sakrani, author, sculptor, poet and Yoga Maestro. She has written her story a hundred times and re-lived it too. Sometimes the pain of it all makes her feel so human, and at other times, the tremendous strength makes her feel like a superhuman, yet the humility one feels after such experiences is priceless according to her. Born in urban India and raised in a global environment takes one far away from the natural organic way of living, and that was Ashleyy’s reality. It took a massive head injury and a near-death experience 18 years ago for her to understand her purpose on this planet and help others awaken to this as well. After dabbling in counselling, sculpture, writing, healing, aromatherapy, teaching yoga nidra, meditation and being a creative head of a company she has the strong belief that you can do anything if you believe in yourself and your unlimited potential. She is Ashleyy Sakrani, author, sculptor, poet and Yoga Maestro. Vedaearth celebrates Ashleyy Sakrani for her sheer versatility and extraordinary grit.

Vyjayanthi Raman

Say hello to Vyjayanthi Raman, a relentless believer in the power of good. She set up HelpLine Charitable trust in 1999 along with Krishnan V and S K Raman with the objective of helping underprivileged children to develop and become independent as well as to grow up to be a responsible citizen with good values. Vishwas is a home for 48 orphaned and abandoned children in Bangalore. Vishwas provides shelter, clothing, food, education, healthcare, mentoring and vocational training. Vishwas has served over 150 orphaned and abandoned children over 14 years. Vedaearth celebrates Vyjayanthi Raman for the positive change and extraordinary strength she brings to the world around us.

Sucheta Khanna 

Sucheta Khanna, TV Host, Actor and a host of other things. The restless city of dreams has been her home ever since she followed her heart and passion to be an actor in her teens. This highly competitive, demanding and insecure industry is no less akin to climbing Mt Everest. Every day there are new challenges to be met, new decisions to be made, all of this is a perfect recipe for stress. The glamour of it all enamours the mind, and the fast pace makes you lose yourself. Sucheta’s biggest turning point was the traumatic loss of both her parents on the same day, a pain that made her realise the impermanence of life and the value of these precious moments that we have. She found herself having to fulfil her job commitments, despite not having finished the mourning period and had all the legal finalities to be looked into. Today, although life as an actor is challenging yet the joy she brings people by making them laugh with her comedy acts, gives her endless pleasure. She never lost sight of her real self, the Sucheta that believes in humility, gratitude and living with simplicity and grace that are qualities which make her truly rich.

She is Sucheta Khanna, an actor, a TV host and a host of other things. Vedaearth celebrates Sucheta Khanna for her incredible talent, extraordinary grit and endearing simplicity.

Simran Oberoi Multani 

Meet Baker Simran Oberoi Multani, founder of Ovenderful, a social enterprise where she bakes to raise funds for different social causes. Her passion for baking was turned into a social cause as she initiated the Ovenderful BakeStreAt Program in July 2015. It focuses on the distribution of healthy bakes to children in urban poor settlements across India with a set of volunteer bakers. She believes in working for the betterment of children everywhere and does her bit to help. Simran is an inspiration for us to become empathetic and giving to our society. With an objective to reach at least 10,000-15,000 children, Vedaearth wishes Simran Oberoi Multani good luck as we celebrate her kindness and extraordinary skills that she uses to serve the world. Let’s cheer her on by doing our little acts of kindness.

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